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Για την ευκολία σας παρακαλούμε να έχετε το κωδικό προϊόντος που βρίσκεται παρακάτω.

Blue Barracuda V2 – faster, more agile, longer range, larger battery for longer travel times and optimized safety features. The popular entry-level racing boat has been further improved in many areas. Perfect for small bodies of water. With LED lighting at the front and back for better orientation and visibility. Driving at dusk is also an experience. The lights can be switched on and off using the modern 2.4GHz remote control that is easy to hold. The fuselage has also been completely redesigned. It now has a double seal (2 lids) and now protects even more effectively against the ingress of water. The boat is capsize-proof and self-righting. Due to the ergonomic and well thought-out construction of the hull, the boat glides very smoothly and elegantly over the water surface. The boat even reaches an astonishing speed of up to 25 km / h. Sleek, timeless design and straight lines. The Blue Barracuda V2 also has a protective function against accidental starting of the powerful motor outside of the water. Warning function integrated in the transmitter if the range is imminent. The fully proportional remote control of the pistol is also remarkable in this model (enables sensitive steering and accelerating). Also to be emphasized is the water cooling, which is unusual for this boat class and which is already installed as standard. Thus, this racing boat always stays nice and “cool” even with longer full throttle trips and in summer.

Capsize-proof thanks to the double hull cover
LED lighting front white and rear red, can be switched on or off via the transmitter
Tarnish protection - boat only starts in the water
Forward and reverse travel
Water cooling
Proportional controls
self righting hull
Protective nose (ram protection) made of rubber, removable
large battery for long driving times (1100mAh 7.4V Li-Ion)
Low voltage warning when the battery is empty
Overrange Indication (warning if the range is exceeded)

Technical specifications:
Length: 355mm
Body length: 300mm
Width: 88mm
Height: 78mm
Ready to drive weight: 411g
Battery: LiIon 7.4V 1100mAh 15C
Dimensions battery: 55x36x19mm 4-pin HBX plug
Weight battery: 74g
Speed ​​approx. 25 km / h
Range: approx. 100 - 150m
Travel time: up to approx. 15 min
Charging cable: USB / output 1000mAh = charging time approx. 1 - 2 hours.

Scope of delivery:
Boot Blue Barracuda V2
Battery 7.4V Li-Ion 1100mAh / HBX plug 4-pin
USB charging cable
Boat stand
Replacement propeller
Assembly key
Operating instructions (German / English)
From 8 years

Required accessories:
4x AA Mignon batteries 1.5V for the transmitter

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