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AMXRock AM18 Kratos Scale Crawler 1:18 RTR RED

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AMXRock AM18 Kratos Scale Crawler 1:18 RTR, rot

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Sophisticated technology meets beautiful scale optics – this small scale crawler has everything to play in the league of super crawlers. The AMXRock AM18 Kratos has a whole range of rich features in the style of a real top climber: full mountain break, sensitive 3-in-1 controller with JR servo connection, extra soft tires with a very good profile for the best grip even on slippery surfaces , locked differentials, LED lighting front and rear, dampers with a lot of spring travel for extreme torsion of the chassis, protected main gearbox with a 104: 1 reduction and a powerful 050 / 55T motor for high torque. In addition, the 1:18 scale model is completely waterproof and it is delivered ready to drive as an RTR vehicle. Only the batteries for the transmitter (4x 1.5V AAA micro) are not included in the scope of delivery.
As a special feature, the controller has two additional outputs as standard, e.g. to connect roof lighting or an FPV cam. The cables are already provided with a micro JST connector and ready for connection. A full-fledged spare wheel, a snorkel on the body and many other scale attachments also underline the robust character of the vehicle. The supplied LiPo battery 2S 7.4V 600mAh ensures long driving times of up to 15 minutes. This commercially available battery is exchangeable and has a Molex connection and an XH balancer. Another innovative feature is the hood quick release, which works without annoying body split pins: the body is picked up by the hinge at the rear and attached to the front of the bonnet with a sliding mechanism. After unlocking, the entire hood can be folded back. All components are easily accessible and a battery change can be done in a few seconds.

Super scale optics
Extra soft tires
LED lighting (front and rear)
Fully proportional driving functions
Locked differentials
Complete metal frame
Innovative quick-release hood fastener
Sensitive 2.4GHz transmitter with FHSS modulation
3-in-1 controller with mountain break, JR servo connection and two additional cables for additional modules such as lighting and FPV cam

Technical specifications:
Scale: 1:18
Length: 260mm
Width: 118mm
Height: 115mm
Weight (including battery): 335g
Wheelbase: 155mm
Front track width: 108mm
Rear track width: 108mm
Ground clearance: 30mm
Front wheels: 55 / 15mm
Rear wheels: 55 / 15mm
Rim diameter: 25mm
Gearbox: 104: 1 FDL
Front damper: 25mm
Rear damper: 25mm
Suspension: spiral spring
Controller: 3-in-1 unit, waterproof with JR servo connection
Motor: 050 / 55T brushed
Drive system: cardan
Servo: 1kg
Body: Lexan, painted with scale attachments
Frame: metal
Battery compartment dimensions: 53x22x20mm
Battery: LiPo 2S 7.4V 600mAh 25C, Molex connector, 51x20x15mm, 28g
Travel time: up to 15min
Remote control: 2.4GHz, with FHSS modulation
Charger: USB charging cable

Scope of delivery:
Model, assembled ready to drive
2.4GHz remote control
LiPo battery 2S 7.4V 600mAh
USB charging cable
Operating instructions DE / EN

Required accessories:
4x 1.5V AAA micro batteries for remote control

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