FLYZONE Micro Calypso 630mm RTF



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Ένα εκπληκτικό εκπαιδευτικό 3κάναλο Glider αεροπλάνο έτοιμο για χρήση κατάλληλο για τον αρχάριο και όχι μόνο χειριστή. Εύκολο πτητικά από ελαφρύ υλικό.

If you’re new to sailplanes, the Micro Calypso is the perfect place to start. Its docile character makes it easy to fly, and its fast assembly time means you can be up in the air in five minutes or less. Foam construction provides a durable foundation to endure everyday impacts. It’s available as a Ready-to-Fly RTF, but if you already have a favorite SLT transmitter, you can choose the Transmitter-Ready Tx-R (FLZA3052)!



The included folding prop is designed for less drag and better soaring performance!flza3050-wing-lg

The wing attaches securely and quickly, making the Micro Calypso easy to assemble — and even easier to transport.


The RTF version lets you charge the LiPo battery directly from the transmitter.


Thanks to a low parts count, the Micro Calypso assembles in less than five minutes. No tools or glue are required!


The Micro Calypso RTF includes:

  • Micro Calypso
  • 4-channel transmitter with built-in charger
  • USB Charger
  • 1S LiPo battery
  • 4x AA batteries

FLZA3050 — RTF

  • Wingspan: 630 mm
  • Wing Area: 4.27 dm²
  • Wing Loading: 12.65 g/dm²
  • Length: 485 mm
  • RTF Weight: 54 g
  • Requires: Nothing

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