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HIMOTO NASCADA 1:10 Touring Car RTR 2,4GHz red



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Περιλαμβάνονται τα πάντα (τηλ/θυνση – μπαταρία – φορτιστής)

The Nascada is designed primarily for recreational riding and beginner riders. It is a simple and operationally simple model, but this is not at all to the detriment of the design. The chassis, for example, boasts a fully adjustable geometry for optimal driving performance

The base is a tub made of glass fiber-filled plastic. The same material is used for the manufacture of arms, houses and differential covers, bicycle hinges and other small parts. Differentials on the front and rear axles are planetary. Aluminum half-axle shaft is used to drive them. The «540» engine, as well as the battery, is stored longitudinally, and this greatly contributes to a good weight distribution and balance of the chassis. Wheel and differential hinges are fitted with ball bearings. The three-channel 2.4GHz steering wheel type steering wheel is used for control. Engine control is provided by a bi-directional brake controller

Included in the set is a fully assembled model with engine and regulator mounted, fitted with a steering wheel set. There is also a power accumulator with a mains charger.

100% assembled model
Loaded bodywork including patches
Engine size «540»
Bi-directional waterproof controller with WP-1040 brake
2.4 GHz steering wheel set
NiMH 2000 mAh battery, mains charger
Adjustable chassis geometry
Assembled with ball bearings
Length [mm] 360
Width [mm] 200
Height [mm] 112

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