JOYSWAY Rocket Deep Vee Brushless RTR (+ ΜΠΑΤΑΡΙΑ – ΦΟΡΤΙΣΤΗΣ)



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Περιλαμβάνονται τα πάντα: τηλ/θυνση – μπαταρία – φορτιστής.

Speed boat model with AC motor and 30A speed controller, plastic hull, fully equipped model with 2200mAh / 11.1V battery and 2.4GHz kit.

Speed boat with electric drive with a plastic hull with a length of 620 mm for adrenaline (over 55 km / h!) Riding on larger water bodies. The model is shipped almost ready, ready to go (just install the rudder and propeller, place the receiver in the supplied rubber waterproof balloon, charge and insert the propulsion batteries) with the D2842 high-performance water-cooled AC motor. Cooling water is sucked in through the nozzle in the rudder, drained out of the boat from the right side. The engine power is transmitted by a direct coupling to a flexible boat shaft mounted in a teflon housing (with adjustable inclination) with a half-dipped two-blade screw. The direction of travel is controlled by an eccentrically positioned rudder made of plastic and CNC machined duralumin parts, as is customary for clockwise-designed boats. On the port side, there is a flooding chamber that ensures that the ship returns to its normal position, even if it is tipped over or slipped during the ride.
The control is provided by a two-channel 2.4GHz pistol transmitter, the on-board electronics include a four-channel receiver, a water-cooled 30A electronic speed controller protected against water penetration and microservo rudder. Of course, both rudder and engine speed control is fully proportional.

The access cover provides access to the engine, batteries and electronics; that seals over the perimeter with a self-adhesive tape to ensure perfect waterproofness.

For powering the model, a 3-cell Li-poly battery of 11.1 V 2200 mAh with a load rating of 35C is supplied, you need 4 AA (alkaline) alkaline batteries or NiMh batteries to power the transmitter.

The RC set includes: ready-to-sail model, Li-poly battery 11.1 V 2200 mAh, spare propeller, dual-channel pistol transmitter, 12V fast charger, plastic stand, self-adhesive tape, Allen key, rubber balloon and instruction manual.

Length [mm] 620

Width [mm] 155

Height [mm] 155

Engine * D2842
Controller * 30A
Accumulator * LiPo 11.1 V 2200 mAh
Propeller 2-blade 35 mm x1,4
Serva * 1x micro
RC set * 2 channels
*) Part of RC set
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