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Σε απόθεμα

Scale replica of a Piper J-3 CUP with excellent flight characteristics, which thanks to the built-in gyro (flight attitude stabilizer) is particularly suitable for beginners and enables all budding pilots to fly quickly and safely. The gyro neutralizes almost all external influences such as wind – even control errors are ironed out if the control sticks are simply returned to the neutral position. At the same time, a position sensor prevents any overtaking in gyro mode (max. Rate of climb and descent approx. 15-20 °). As a 3-channel model, the Piper J-3 CUP is only controlled via the motor, elevator and rudder. The entire structure is made of almost indestructible EPP material. Hard landings or light crashes are therefore put away without complaint, which enables a long flight fun. The propeller, made of impact-resistant plastic, was specially developed for this model. The durability as well as the efficiency are excellent overall – in connection with the strong drive (three 0720 Hollow-Cup brush motors that grip a main shaft), considerable flight performance is available here. The fast digital servos with 0.08sec / 60 ° ensure a direct, precise control feeling.
Before the first flight can begin, all that is required is the assembly of the wings and landing gear. At the same time, charge the battery and you can start.

Handy remote control with fail-safe 2.4GHz system
Fast digital servos (0.08sec / 60 °) for a precise control feel
Ground launchable from hard slopes and concrete
Hand launchable

Technical specifications:
Span: 505mm
Length: 356mm
Height: 150mm
Weight ready to fly: 60g (without battery)
Main material: EPP (high strength and flexible foam)
Thrust: approx. 1: 1 thrust / weight ratio
Gyro: 3 CH / 6G self-stabilizing attitude system
Motor: 3x 0720 Hollow-Cup brush motor
Servos: 2g digital 0.08sec / 60 °
Remote control: 3-channel, 2.4 GHz
Range: approx. 150m
Battery: LiPo 1S 3.7V 500mAh 20C Softcase Molex plug, LxWxH: 31x25x9mm, 12g
Flight time: approx. 10-15min
Charger: USB charging cable 5V
Charging time: approx. 90min

Scope of delivery:
RTF model
2.4GHz remote control
battery pack
USB charging cable
Operating instructions DE / EN

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