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The Skyrunner has been improved again in the V3 version. Thanks to 3-axis stabilization, the model can also be safely controlled by beginners. Impressive maneuvers and even aerobatic maneuvers can be learned in a very short time.
This model takes off right away and the gyro system always keeps the plane safely on course. Just step on the gas and set a slight climb, the gyro immediately intervenes as if by magic and the flying fun can begin.
The system has a beginner and an advanced mode. In beginner mode, it is not possible to stall the model (no loopings, etc.). If the system is switched to advanced mode, e.g. loopings and stalling are easily feasible.
The flight behavior of the Skyrunner V3 can be described as very uncritical, which also offers beginners the opportunity to immerse themselves in the world of model sports. A long flight time in connection with good gliding properties stand for untroubled flying fun and the tough EPP material ensures a long durability of the model. If the landing turns out to be a bit harder, that’s no problem either.
The material is very durable, the electronics are located far back in the fuselage and the engine is built to the rear. The material can easily be glued back together with e.g. styroglue. The Skyrunner V3 is the perfect entry-level aircraft for everyone.

Technical specifications:
Span: 750mm
Length: 565mm
Height: 120mm
Weight: 101g
Battery: 7.4V 300mAh 20c
Engine: N60
Flight time approx. 12-14 min.
Charging time approx. 25-30 min.

Scope of delivery:
Skyrunner V3
Remote control 2.4GHz
Battery 7.4V 300mAh 20c
220V LiPo charger with Netztel 2S
Instructions DE/EN

Required accessories:
4x AA 1.5V batteries for the transmitter

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